A Purple Rain Cocktail in a coupe glass with a twist of lemon on the rim on a tarnished silver tray with a shot glass and cocktail shaker in the background. Top side view.

Purple Rain Cocktail

Fruity yet delightfully tart, this Purple Rain Cocktail will take you back to your younger days, listening to your ‘Walkman’ and cruising in your boyfriend’s ‘84 Firebird convertible. This cocktail is purple, fruity, and very refreshing. It’s perfect for game day, girl’s night out, Halloween, Easter, or any evening you desire a tasty libation.

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Side view of a spooky tray with individual Skull Calzones - pizza dough filled with sauce, cheese, ricotta, and pepperoni and baked in a skull shaped muffin tin.

Skull Calzones

These individual skull calzones are the perfect, gory, macabre, Halloween dinner idea that you need to feed your family and ensure the kids will eat! This recipe is easy – refrigerated pizza crust dough, mini pepperonis, shredded cheese, ricotta cheese, and sauce make these spooky treats even better than the plain personal calzones you get from your local pizza place.

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Overhead view of Monster Smash Brownies - fudgy brownies that are swirled with cheesecake and raspberry jam to resemble blood. Two candy eyes on each square adds to the spooky effect.

Monster Smash Brownies

Jazz up simple brownies and make them bloody and gory! Monster smash brownies pair fudgy brownies with creamy cheesecake and sweet, tangy raspberry swirls for

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Top view - Orange pot with Zombie Finger Stew - baked beans, full of vegetables, and hot dogs cut to resemble fingers. Perfect kid-friendly Halloween dinner.

Zombie Finger Stew

Trying to get something nutritious into your kids before they go Trick-Or-Treating and embark on a week-long sugar high is challenging, at best. Luckily, Zombie Finger Stew comes to the rescue – delighting the kids with the gory zombie fingers and satisfying mom’s need to provide a veggie-dense meal they’ll actually eat.

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Close up of Severed Monster Finger cookies. Each cookie has a bloody strawberry jam end and a bloody strawberry jam almond fingernail.

Severed Monster Finger Cookies

Severed Monster Finger Cookies are creepy yet scary enough to display for your Halloween party! A buttery shortbread dough, red jam, and simple shaping make for a bloody, scary, and delicious Halloween cookie treat. Have the kiddos help shape and decorate them!

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Bowl of "melted monster chili" in a white bowl and garnished with boccioncini and olive eyeballs.

Melted Monster Chili

Melted Monster Head Chili is a deliciously ghoulish way to feed the family before they head out to trick-or-treat. This no-bean chili is full of vegetables and low-fat turkey, so you’ll feel good about serving it to them.

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A plate of Boozy Pumpkin Truffles - pumpkin spice cake balls, laced with spiced rum and dipped in white chocolate for a delicious adult sweet treat

Boozy Pumpkin Truffles

Boozy Pumpkin Truffles are decadent little balls of spiced rum-laced, pumpkin cake mixed with cream cheese frosting, and dipped into white chocolate.  Yeah, I’ve gotten

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Terrifyingly delicious Halloween recipes to get you through the season

Halloween is one of the top holidays in the United States, and we at Eats By The Beach agree. It’s one of our favorites, too. We have a great collection of Halloween recipes that you’re going to love.

In fact, according to US News & World Report, 73% of Americans plan on celebrating the holiday and spending more than $12 billion on costumes for kids, adults, and pets, decorations, candy, food, and alcohol.

However, in spite of the Halloween excitement and joy, there is the age-old struggle between kids and adults. Kids want to consume nothing but the readily available candy and snacks that go along with the macabre holiday. Parents worry about their children’s nutrition and health, not to mention the wear and tear on their teeth.

It’s a fact that kids tend to eat what they’ve helped create, and moms want to provide nutritious meals to counteract the weeklong sugar highs.

Here, you will find a collection of Halloween recipes to make with the kids that they’ll love and actually want to eat, like scary Spider Pizza or Zombie Finger Stew. Make your Halloween meal planning easier by browsing through our collection of recipes.

We have hauntingly easy appetizers and refreshing cocktails for adults, such as Devil’s Eggs And Spiders, Boozy Pumpkin Truffles, and Blueberry Lychee Eyeball Cocktails, all perfect for your costume parties. There are also healthy dinner ideas to serve before trick-or-treating. Kids and adults both love our Skull Calzones and Melted Monster Chili.

So relax and enjoy the season. We have your holiday meal planning covered.