Publisher and writer of Eats By The Beach blog in a black t-shirt leaning on a counter in her kitchen and holding a cup of coffee.

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Welcome to my kitchen on the beach!

I’m Millie – a writer, yogi, foodie, world traveler, dog lover, and mom. I’m also the publisher, recipe developer, and chief bottle washer of the blog.

I’ve been collecting cookbooks and recipes from around the globe for years -maybe decades. Okay, definitely decades.

I read cookbooks as though they were novels and adore creating new recipes.

I’ve created recipes that were monumental successes and some that were epic failures, but they were all made from the heart, and the stories of both the successes and failures were fun to share.

I started blogging to share my passion for cooking and baking and my recipes (plus the occasional disaster) with others.


My philosophy is that food is a way to express love. I have a ton of love AND recipes to share. So, please grab a cup of coffee and join me in my little kitchen by the beach.




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