Father's Day Menu collage of recipes


Father’s Day is this coming Sunday.  Why not treat Dad to an incredible 8-course meal that will make him feel special. This menu for Dad is sure to impress. The best part is you’ll still have enough energy to enjoy the meal with him! From 

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Vegetables, nuts, and fruit

How to Eat More Healthy Foods

Image Alt-text: Vegetables, nuts, and fruit Eating a healthy and balanced diet is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Coupled with regular exercise and good lifestyle habits, eating healthy food can be a powerful combination to help 

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Marinated chicken ready to cook

Easy Recipes for College Kids

Cooking in college is a feat. With so many assignments, responsibilities, and deadlines on hand, it’s tough to take time out to cook and enjoy a proper meal. Luckily for college students, we have some fantastic meal prep ideas and recipes that require minimal work. 

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Vegan fried pasta

Vegan Fried Pasta – A Must Try

Apart from health reasons, a large number of people prefer vegan dishes to promote sustainable eating habits. Learn more below:

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different vegetable produce in a basket

3 Delicious Vegan Friendly Dishes to Try This Spring!

Who doesn’t love the spring season? There’s a fresh smell in the air and blooming flowers and fauna all around us. Not to forget, spring blesses us with the suitable temperature to grow a bounty of fresh, natural produce. Growing awareness about the benefits of 

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