How To Create a Restaurant Style Salad At Home

The start of a new year means many people are making resolutions to eat healthier. If you’re one of them, I’ve got more than a few recipes up my sleeve for you to enjoy.

Let’s start with salads. Have you noticed that every time you try to replicate a salad at home, it’s never as good as the one you had at a restaurant? Maybe it’s not crunchy enough or lacks a zingy dressing, or maybe it just tastes plain old boring.

Since we can’t go to a restaurant every time we want to eat a good salad, this often leaves most people failing at their new year’s resolution just a few weeks in.

However, it’s time you say goodbye to flat, boring salads because I’m sharing my best tips for recreating restaurant-like salads at home.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Do you have vegetables that are a little past their prime in the fridge? Incorporate them in a curry instead, and use only fresh ingredients for your salad. Otherwise, it may bring the taste and quality of your salad down, and you don’t want that.


Prepare The Dressing

Not only can salad dressings amp up the flavor of your salad, but they’re also very easy to make. Use fresh ingredients to create your homemade dressing for a refreshing taste.

A fool-proof dressing can be made with three parts oil and one part vinegar, and you can mix and match with different add-ons like honey and mustard for more options.

Add Seasoning

Restaurants always season the vegetables in their salads. The greens need to be seasoned with salt and pepper, not just with the dressing, to make their flavors stand out.

Incorporate Different Textures

The different mix of textures and flavors allows restaurant salads to taste and look better. Understand how different greens will taste when paired together, and incorporate crunchy textures for more bite. Add watercress and arugula for a peppery flavor in your salad.

Father's Day Menu - Classic Wedge Salad with bacon, tomato, egg, blue cheese, and dressing


Add In Fats

Don’t be afraid of adding a little fat to your salad—not only does it elevate the salad’s flavor, but it also makes it more filling. Use toasted nuts, bacon, cheese, or avocados for a mix of different textures.

Add Dressing Before Plating It

You don’t want your salad greens to be soggy from too much dressing, so try to add a little bit before plating and the rest on the side. This allows you to add more if needed but will let the greens retain their crunch for longer.

Hopefully, these tips allow you to get more creative with your salads. This is the best time to experiment with new recipes and to get you started; this homemade creamy broccoli salad recipe is perfect for cold months. Find more healthy options here.

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