holiday cookies

Slate tray of Australian Lamingtons - buttery cake squares that are dipped in a chocolate syrup and rolled in dessicated coconut. Typically served at high tea.

Australian Lamingtons

Australian Lamingtons are a traditional dessert of small squares of buttery sponge cake that’s dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.  Similar to a petit

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Plate of buttery, shortbread sandwich cookies with dulce de leche and rimmed with coconut and toasted pine nuts.

Argentinian Alfajores

Argentinian Alfajores are tender, buttery, sandwich cookies that have luscious dulce de leche caramel inside and a rim of chopped coconut and toasted pine nuts

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A traditional Purim cookie recipe: These poppy seed hamantaschen are delicious triangles of pastry filled with a poppy seed and date filling.

Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

The buttery, triangle-shaped, filled pastries are the perfect traditional Purim cookie recipe.  The name, ‘Hamantaschen’, is roughly translated to mean “Haman’s ears”. I like the

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Classic cookie recipe of little shortbread balls coated in powdered sugar

Russian Tea Cakes

This classic cookie recipe is a perfect bite of shortbread enrobed in powdered sugar.  This recipe is also called Mexican tea cakes, wedding cookies, or

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