Italian Amaretti Peaches

This is an easy dessert recipe for fresh baked, sweet peaches stuffed with a crunchy cookie crumble.  Delicious served alone or with a dollop of whipped cream.   I think all meals should end with something sweet.  Just a bite will do the trick. And sometimes, after a rich or heavy meal, I still want that sweet finish but don’t want anything rich or heavy. 

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Behold this recipe for Italian Amaretti peaches. It is the perfect solution for a light, sweet, little bite.  First, this is an incredibly easy dessert recipe. Gotta love those.  Second, it’s sweet fruit and just a bit of sweet cookie. It’s a perfect serving size.  And third, this dessert is beautiful to look at and impressive to serve.

An easy dessert recipe for roasted peaches with an Italian amaretti filling.


  • First, you want to buy the best peaches you can find.  They are the star of the show. Try to buy local. When peaches have to be shipped, they are picked a bit under ripe.  Look for peaches that are vibrant in color and have a beautiful fragrance. Finally, give it a little squeeze. A perfectly ripe peach will give just a little.  If you are not making this easy dessert recipe within a day or so, pick a peach that is firmer to the touch.
  • Amaretti cookies.  I love these crunchy little almond cookies.  Some brands, like Amaretti di Saronno (not to be confused with the liqueur) come in a beautiful red box with each cookie wrapped in tissue.  They are like little gifts. If you can’t find Amaretti cookies, any almond macaron or almond cookie will do.
  • Almond Liqueur.  My choice would be Amaretto di Saronno, but any brand of almond liqueur will do.  It adds moisture and additional flavor to the peaches. Apple juice would be an okay substitute, but the almond liqueur adds a depth of flavor and the alcohol bakes off anyway.  Treat yourself!

An easy dessert recipe for roasted peaches with an Italian amaretti filling.


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An easy dessert recipe that is perfectly sweet, deliciously crunchy, and ready in less than an hour. This fruity dessert is perfect for when you just want a little something sweet.


  • ½ stick salted butter, softened
  • 1 ½ cups crumbled amaretti cookies or almond macaroon cookies
  • 2 ½ tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 large egg
  • 8 ripe peaches, pitted and halved lengthwise
  • ¼ cup almond liqueur or dark rum


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a small bowl or ramekin, melt 2 tablespoons of the butter in the microwave. Pour the melted butter into a 13×9-inch baking dish.
  3. In the bowl of a food processor, add 1 cup of the crumbled cookies and process until they are fine crumbs. Add the flour, brown sugar, vanilla, and the remaining 2 tablespoons of the butter. Pulse until the butter is fully incorporated. Add the egg and pulse until the mixture is smooth. Set aside.
  4. Prepare the peaches: Use a small spoon or a melon baller to hollow out the center of the peach so that you have a 1-inch deep cavity.
  5. Using a pastry brush, coat the peaches with the almond liqueur, both flesh side and skin side.
  6. Divide the cookie mixture evenly between the peaches. Use your fingers to gently press the filling into the cavity.
  7. Sprinkle the remaining ½ cup of the amaretti crumbs over the filling.
  8. Place the peaches into the baking dish. Use the pastry brush to coat the outside skins with some of the melted butter that is in the dish.
  9. Bake until the filling is lightly browned and crisp – about 45 – 50 minutes. Remove the baking dish from the oven and set aside to cool.
  10. Serve the peaches warm or at room temperature.
  11. Garnish with a sprig of mint or a dollop of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or sweetened mascarpone cheese.
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes


  • Serving Size: Serves 8

This quick video will show you how to pick out the juiciest, ripest peach.

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