Side view of a spooky tray with individual Skull Calzones - pizza dough filled with sauce, cheese, ricotta, and pepperoni and baked in a skull shaped muffin tin.

Skull Calzones

These individual skull calzones are the perfect, gory, macabre, Halloween dinner idea that you need to feed your family and ensure the kids will eat! This recipe is easy – refrigerated pizza crust dough, mini pepperonis, shredded cheese, ricotta cheese, and sauce make these spooky treats even better than the plain personal calzones you get from your local pizza place.

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Wooden board with a Philly-Style Italian Hoagie and chips on the side.

Philly-Style Italian Hoagie

Just in time for your Superbowl festivities, these Philly-Style Italian Hoagies are packed full of flavor. Homemade hoagie spread and dressing bump up the flavors, adds freshness, and authenticity to these easy sandwiches.

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Top view of a black bowl with Irish Bangers And Mash - two Irish sausages drenched in a caramelized onion gravy and a side of sauteed peas on top of a base of fluffy mashed potatoes.

Irish Bangers And Mash

Irish Bangers And Mash is the kind of belly-warming comfort food that makes St. Patrick’s Day something to look forward to!  Sausages in a caramelized

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Tampa Cubano Sandwich - a pressed sandwich with mojo pulled pork, honey ham, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, pickles, and yellow mustard on Cuban bread.

Tampa Cubano Sandwich

Celebrate this Super Bowl Sunday with a platter of Tampa Cubano Sandwiches!  Your guests will love these toasty sandwiches packed with delicious ingredients!  Make the

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