King Cake Shots

Even if you can’t get to NOLA for Mardi Gras, you can still celebrate at home with these King Cake Shots.  They have all of the flavors of King Cake but in a cool, creamy shot.  The recipe makes enough to share, so invite a couple of friends!

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Cool, creamy King Cake Shots - cake vodka, Baily's, Cinnamon Schnapps, and cream


  • Vodka – both Cake flavored (or vanilla) and plain vodka
  • Irish Cream Liqueur – I like Baily’s 
  • Cinnamon Schnapps – you could also use Fireball cinnamon whiskey
  • Heavy cream
  • Purple, green, and gold sugars for rimming the glass and sprinkling on top of the shot
  • Whipped cream -I used the real cream in a can to get a pretty swirl

Cool, creamy King Cake Shots - cake vodka, Baily's, Cinnamon Schnapps, and cream

Make it a Mardi Gras Party with the following recipes:

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Cool, creamy King Cake Shots - cake vodka, Baily's, Cinnamon Schnapps, and cream



Celebrate Mardi Gras with these cool, creamy King Cake Shots!  They have all the decadent flavors of a King Cake, but in liquid form…with alcohol!



2 ounces cake flavored vodka

1 ounce plain vodka

2 ounces Irish Cream liqueur

2 ounces cinnamon schnapps

1 ounce heavy cream

Purple, green, and gold sanding sugar

Whipped cream, as a garnish


Use a small spoon to place a teaspoon of each sugar on a small, flat plate. 

Use water to moisten the rim of four shot glasses.

Dip the rim into the sugar to get a bit of each color on the rim.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Pour in both vodkas, the Irish Cream, cinnamon schnapps, and cream. 

Shake until the outside of the shaker is icy old.

Strain evenly into the glasses.

Top each glass with a dollop of whipped cream.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Starters - Cocktails
  • Method: Shake
  • Cuisine: New Orleans

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What are King Cake Shots for?

King cake is a New Orleans tradition that involves a pastry, a tiny plastic baby, and a party! The cake is baked with a tiny plastic baby hidden inside; whoever gets the slice with the baby in it has to host the next party.

What does King Cake taste like?

King cake is a rich, sweet pastry flavored with cinnamon and sometimes contains cream cheese or pecans. It’s called a cake, but it tastes more like a Danish or cinnamon roll!

What are the Rules for King Cake?

The common denominator between all of these cakes is that they all have a small trinket or figurine — such as a bean, a coin, a nut, or a tiny baby figurine — hidden inside. Whoever finds the trinket in their slice of cake gets to be “king” for a day and is also said to have good luck.

Where is King Cake from?

The pastry—known as a king cake—is an inescapable part of life in south Louisiana, where locals celebrate a “bonus holiday season” in the lead-up to Mardi Gras Day.

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