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Glasses of fruity red wine sangria garnished with lemon and lime slices



Refreshing, sweet and fruity, this delicious red wine sangria can be made in advance and enjoyed with friends on a warm summer evening.


  • 2 oranges, peel on, one sliced and one cut in half
  • 2 lemons, peel on, one sliced and one cut in half
  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 cup vodka, brandy, or rum
  • 1 can lemon-lime soda such as Sprite, Fresca, 7-Up, or Sierra Mist
  • 1 cup of ice


  1. In a large pitcher, squeeze the halved orange and lemon into the bottom. Throw away the squeezed fruit.
  2. Place the sliced fruits into the bottom of the pitcher and muddle with a large wooden spoon to release some of the juice and oils from the rinds.
  3. Pour in the bottle of red wine, orange juice, vodka, brandy, or rum and stir with the spoon.
  4. At this point, chill the mixture for a few hours.
  5. When ready to serve, stir in the can of lemon lime soda and ice. Give it a stir and pour into glasses. Use a spoon to add a few pieces of fruit to each glass. Garnish with fruit slice or sprig of mint, if desired, and enjoy.


  • Serving Size: Serves 4 -6