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A bowl of decadent Southern-Style Cheese grits - creamy stoneground grits are cooked with broth, milk, onion and garlic powders, and shredded cheddar cheese.



What’s better than a steaming bowl of decadent Southern-style cheese grits?  When stoneground grits are cooked slowly in broth and milk mixture then whipped creamy with shredded cheddar cheese, grits are elevated to a whole new level of deliciousness.



2 ½3 cups chicken broth

2 cups milk, whole or low-fat

½ teaspoon granulated garlic

½ teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup stone-ground grits, not quick-cooking

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

6 tablespoons butter, room temperature

1 cup shredded extra-sharp cheddar cheese


In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine 2 ½ cups of chicken broth and the milk.  Bring the mixture to a simmer.

Sprinkle in the granulated garlic, onion powder, and salt.  Stir well.

Whisk in the grits slowly, stirring constantly.

Cover the pot tightly, reduce the heat to low, and cook for 40 – 45 minutes, stirring often to prevent sticking.  The grits should be tender and resemble mashed potatoes when done.  If needed, add the remaining ½ cup of chicken broth to keep the grits from burning.

Remove the pot from the heat.  

Use a wooden or silicone spoon to stir in the shredded cheese and butter.  Taste and adjust seasoning for salt and pepper.

Serve hot.

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Simmer
  • Cuisine: Southern

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