Why Diet Culture is a Complete Fad

Diet culture is everywhere. As soon as the weather gets warmer, brands go in full force to ensure everyone’s working towards their summer bodies.

As easy as it is to be tempted by miraculous diets that guarantee you miracle cures for overnight weight loss, it’s best you stay away.

It’s A Complete Lie

Fad diets are complete and utter lies. There’s no easy way to break it to you— if you don’t work hard, exercise regularly, make better food choices, you won’t lose weight. There are no weight loss pills or waist trainers on the planet that’ll help you shed off fat without you consuming fewer calories than you burn.

Diet culture promotes dangerous and harmful products every day that guarantee weight loss. These products can cause serious, sometimes irreversible damage to your body and mind. Diet culture feeds you with the idea that the ultimate goal is thinness — no matter how you achieve it. This is why eating disorders are more common now than ever before.

It Ruins Your Relationship with Food

Diet culture conflates body size and physical health while promoting stigma towards certain body types. This leads to an increased risk of developing an eating disorder as it set restrictions on what to eat and how much to eat to manipulate body size. Diet culture constantly makes you monitor what you eat and when you eat — and whether or not you “deserve” certain foods. It associates food with morality, and instead of viewing food as a basic need for body fuel, we view it as a luxury. Diet culture also equates thinness with health — even if the food you’re consuming has no nutritional value, you’re healthy if you’re skinny.

An apple and cucumber green juice and smoothie

It Stigmatizes Different Body Types

Focusing on body size and associating food with morality harms our physical health and mental health. When self-worth and self-respect are linked to your body size — you’ll never be happy. The “war on obesity” implies that thin bodies are more attractive, more worthy, and more healthy. Weight stigma and fat-shaming by medical providers’ leads to a delay in seeking medical care, misdiagnoses, and a pressure to diet. This pressure to diet actually leads to increased health risks due to weight cycling.

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