Welcoming Spring with Food

Welcoming Spring with Food

The air is finally beginning to feel a little and this means that our favorite season is right around the corner! The temperatures are beginning to rise have us eager to make the shift from winter foods to the colorful spring-y meals.

From crisp asparagus to juicy cherry tomatoes, and fresh green peas to sweet raspberries; the spring season brings along countless flavor-bursting ingredients that can be used to create countless mouth-watering recipes.

This spring, bring life into your kitchen with these 3 heart-warming and refreshing recipes that one can die for.

Sugar Snap Peas

Welcoming Spring with Food

Looking for an easy-to-make sideline to serve with the grilled piri piri chicken you’re planning to make for dinner tonight? If yes, these sugar snap peas will be the perfect match. The best part? you can prepare them in 20 minutes (or less, if you’re really fast). This sideline will add the perfect amount of sweetness to your spicy hot chicken. You can just toss them into your chicken Caesar salad, dip them into your favorite cheese dip or sauté them for an enhanced crisp and flavor. Check out the full recipe, here.

French Lemon Meringue Pie

Welcoming Spring with Food

The fresh lemony flavor of the creamy filling and crisp, light, and flaky crust makes this pie an ideal dessert to kick start the spring season. Topped with a layer of fluffy meringue with just the right quantity of sweetness; French lemon meringue pie can make you forget all the sick and flu-y winter days.

Start by preparing the curd by cooking a mixture of water and cornstarch until it turns thick. While the mixture is still hot, drizzle it onto the egg yolks spoon by spoon, and whisk continuously after adding each spoon. This tempers the eggs and maintains the thickness of the enough to keep it from flowing out of the pie when slices are cut. But this is just the beginning and there’s a lot more to these pies!

If you’re a true lemon fan, see the full recipe here!

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Welcoming Spring with Food

With the perfect combination of stringy cheese, all-fruit jelly, and seasoned ham, this fulfilling sandwich makes for the perfect breakfast, lunch, or brunch. The caster sugar and red chili flakes topping is a literal cherry-on-top for those who like to keep things sweet and spicy. This sandwich is a bit different from a regular sandwich because the entire sandwich is coated in egg batter and fried before it’s served. Can you already imagine a crispy sandwich, with melted cheese oozing out from its center on the first bite? If yes, hop on to the full recipe here to make this divine goodness today!

At Eats By The Beach, we have a range of succulent and appetizing healthy food recipes that you can choose from to add more flavors to your spring season. Happy cooking!!

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