Want To Keep The Kids Busy? Have ‘Em Join You In The Kitchen

Want To Keep The Kids Busy? Have ‘Em Join You In The Kitchen

Dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t been easy on anyone. Especially in homes with younger children, many parents are concerned about keeping their kids busy.

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Staying away from their friends and school might be taking a toll on your child’s mental health. However, one way you can turn the tide in our favor is by being attentive parents, following the pre-lockdown routine, and adding some fun activities to the mix.

So, for those parents out there who are clueless about where they should start, take this opportunity to teach your kids how to cook—and enjoy it too! 

They’ll have a field day!

For their ease, choose a selection of recipes that are easy to make. At Eats by the Beach, you can choose from a large variety of recipes, including the classic patty melt, Mexican hot chocolate cookies recipe, and Strawberries Romanoff recipe. Simple and straightforward, these recipes will pique their interest.

Want To Keep The Kids Busy? Have ‘Em Join You In The Kitchen

– Assign Tasks to Each Kid

Under strict supervision, here are some of the tasks you can assign:

  • For 2 – 3-year-olds: Mashing, squeezing, adding ingredients in a bowl
  • For 3 –5-year-olds: Whisking, tasting, using cookie cutters, washing vegetables
  • For 6 –8-year-olds: Planning themes, shopping for ingredients, leading the process
  • For 9 –11-year-olds: Chopping and cutting using safety knives

For the teenagers, it’s better to have them handle the recipe themselves, with the little ones helping out.

– Provide Them with their Tools

Decorate aprons for each kid over the weekend, so they have their piece to wear when cooking. Also, order utensils and measuring tools, and make a kit of it, so each child has their cooking utensils. This will not only make them feel more confident; it’ll make them want to use these tools more too.

– Start a Kitchen Garden

If you have a backyard, go all-out!

But if you don’t have space, buy a small kitchen garden and use it to plant herbs and basic vegetables like basil, coriander, tomatoes, and spring onions. Let each child be responsible for taking care of different plants. Once you have your herbs, use them when cooking. It’ll be a more rewarding task for the kids when you use something they’ve worked so hard for.

Let’s Get Cookin’!

Having the chance to cook their favorite meals will definitely get your kids off that couch. So, start cooking, and be sure to share pictures of their creations with friends and family to keep them motivated!

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1 thought on “Want To Keep The Kids Busy? Have ‘Em Join You In The Kitchen”

  • I have a teenager and this is a fun exercise to do together. Lots of life lessons , too. Practical math application, home economics and fun! This past weekend, I watched my daughter make homemade meatballs and sauce. A few weeks back she made chicken soup from scratch. A month back we made pizza from scratch. Definitely a great post, Millie!

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