Treat Yourself to This Sweet and Soothing Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Treat Yourself to This Sweet and Soothing Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Gift a bottle of this heavenly homemade coffee liqueur recipe to a loved one, surprise your romantic partner on an at-home dinner date, or simply enjoy it as a treat-to-self!

Traditionally known as Kahlúa, this beverage is an exquisite combination of your favorite alcohol and coffee, with a dash of flavor-bursting vanilla. It’s so much better to make it at home than buy super syrupy coffee liqueur, which is not only high in sugar content but also not as fresh and rich as the homemade version.

When it comes to coffee liqueur, we’d say: to each, their own. We’ve seen people drizzling it onto their espresso martinis, Russian cocktails, desserts, and even ice cream! And well, it always looks and tastes delish. Nevertheless, you can always have this delectable, soothing liqueur to put your mind at ease before you retire for the night!

Here’s the full recipe for our easy-to-make homemade coffee liqueur recipe

What You’ll Need

  • Coffee – strong brewed, 4 cups (pick your favorite, but make sure it’s good quality!)
  • Granulated sugar – 4 cups
  • Vanilla bean paste – three tbsp (or you could also use ¼ tsp of vanilla extract if the paste isn’t readily available)
  • White rum or vodka – 4 cups

Directions for Making the Flavor Bursting Coffee Liqueur

Treat Yourself to This Sweet and Soothing Homemade Coffee Liqueur

  1. To make the coffee syrup, add the strong coffee and granulated sugar in a saucepan and bring it to boil on medium-high flame. Stir the mixture as it cooks and make sure the sugar dissolves completely.
  2. When the syrup has reached a full boil, and no more sugar is left undissolved, turn down the flame and let the syrup simmer for another ten minutes.
  3. Remove the pan from the stove and let it cool at room temperature.
  4. Add the vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract and white rum to the syrup and mix well.
  5. Store your homemade liqueur into a clean and dry glass bottle and cover it with an air-tight lid.
  6. Serve with dinner or store it in a cool and dry place to enjoy later.

To maintain its traditional essence, we’ve used white rum for this recipe. However, if you’d like to cut down the carbs and sugar, you can substitute it with vodka. This Kahlúa can remain fresh, potent, and flavorsome for up to four years—but who’s leaving it for that long anyway?

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