The Perfect Girls Night: 4 Scrumptious Snacks

The Perfect Girls Night: 4 Scrumptious Snacks

A bad breakup, a stressful day at work, or even a fight with your sister—there’s nothing that a perfect girls’ night in can’t fix. So schedule a date with the most important girls in your life, pack your softest pair of pajamas, and buy more fur for your pillows, because you’re going to need it after the pillow fight of the season!

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But before you can begin all the makeovers and gossip, make sure you keep a few scrumptious snacks on hand to entertain you all night long.

Take a look at these delicious snack ideas to make your girls’ night the best one yet!

Cheddar jalapeno bread

Who doesn’t like a slice of crispy and cheesy bread? With a fusion of spicy and warm flavors, this snack’s cheesy goodness is a great way to break bread with each other.

A crunchy exterior with a fluffy and fragrant interior, this snack only requires a few pieces of bread, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, fresh jalapenos and chili flakes before its ready to be devoured.

The Perfect Girls Night 4 Scrumptious Snacks

Easy Vegetable Lo Mein

A steaming plate of long, tender noodles with fresh and crunchy vegetables? Count us in! The sweet and spicy taste of this ultimate comfort dish will make you reach out for another serving every few minutes.

Made with carrots, capsicum, garlic and a protein of your choice, the savory flavor of this dish is tastier than any vegetable lo mein takeout you’ve ever had. And the best part is that you and your girls can prepare this dish in less than thirty minutes!

The Perfect Girls Night 4 Scrumptious Snacks 2

Basic biryani rice

Want something more filing? How does a plate of rich and spicy rice sound? This South Asian dish is full of flavors that come together for an explosion of absolute bliss in your mouth. The rice is steamed and prepared with vegetables and warm spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and cumin.

The texture of the basmati rice and the mellow sweetness of the spices will make you believe that a plate of biryani was all you needed to take the world by storm!

The Perfect Girls Night 4 Scrumptious Snacks 3

Fruity red wine sangria

It’s not a proper girls’ night if there’s no wine involved! After all, us girls need a bit of nudge to spill out our guts out to each other. Fruity, festive and sweet—this refreshing cocktail is all you need on a hot summer night.

Squeeze a lemon in a pitcher; pour in some vodka, red wine and lemon soda to blend the mixture. Throw in plenty of ice and serve with cherries, pomegranate and blackberries to sip the night away!

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Out On Desserts 3

With these snacks, there’s nothing that can get you down on this girls’ night! Find more delicious snack recipes at Eats By The Beach and visit our online food blog! You can contact us and learn more about strawberry shortcake ice cream bars recipe.

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