The Most Important Meal of the Day: 3 Reasons Why You Must Never Skip Breakfast

The Most Important Meal of the Day: 3 Reasons Why You Must Never Skip Breakfast

How many times have you started off your day without eating breakfast? Chances are, way more often than you can count. But you know what they say; breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you simply cannot and should not go without it!

The Most Important Meal of the Day 3 Reasons Why You Must Never Skip Breakfast

Here’s why you should start having a healthy breakfast every day.

It Boosts Your Energy Levels

Ever felt hazy in the morning, despite having a cup of coffee? It’s because you’re low on energy! Skipping your morning meal prevents you from getting the nutrients you need to power through the day. Breakfast gives you the boost of energy, helping you break your overnight fast and refueling for the day.

While having tea or coffee in the morning may give you an instant uplift, you also need to eat something healthy. Doing so ensures that you’re not unfocused or low on energy during the day, and can perform your best. Having breakfast improves your cognition, attentiveness, and concentration.

It Reduces the Risk of Chronic Disease

Breakfast doesn’t only give you a dosage of deliciousness. It also significantly improves your health. Research has shown that skipping breakfast can increase your risk of having type 2 diabetes. Studies have also highlighted that consuming whole grain cereals for breakfast also reduces the risk of type diabetes 2.

In addition to this, eating breakfast is also closely associated with cardiovascular health. According to the American Heart Association, you’re at a greater risk of heart disease and hypertension if you skip your morning meal. Incorporating heart-healthy foods in your breakfast, on the other hand, can boost your cardiovascular health immensely.

The Most Important Meal of the Day 3 Reasons Why You Must Never Skip Breakfast 2

It Prevents Excessive Weight Gain

One of the reasons for weight gain is because individuals tend to skip breakfast and then overeat in the middle of the day. When you don’t eat anything in the morning, your body starts craving food more intensely midday, especially since it wants to break the overnight fast. This compels you to eat bigger portions at lunch.

While this may seem like a balancing act, the truth is, you end up overcompensating for the lack of breakfast and overeating instead. As a result, you’re likely to gain weight much faster and unhealthily. On the other hand, having a balanced diet plan which starts off with a healthy breakfast prevents you from sudden hunger pangs and overeating.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Meal of the Day: 3 Reasons Why You Must Never Skip Breakfast”

  • This is something I did not realize until I was in my late 30’s. Also, donuts and bagels are not a substitute for eggs and wheat toast. On days when I know I will miss breakfast, I will try to prepare the night before (boiled eggs, for example). I also think healthier options on-the-go are more easily obtainable now than a generation ago. And, for me personally, I will spend the extra money on something healthy rather than cheap fast food. Do I want to spend two dollars for an apple at the airport? No, but it will keep me breathing a little longer (I hope) than if I ate something greasy and salty.

    Great post!

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