Tasty Treats From The South

Tasty Treats From The South

Do you ever think about staying home and having a lazy day, ordering Mexican takeout and sipping chilled margaritas? Or perhaps some spicy tacos that make your eyes water but fill your heart with joy? We’ve all been there!

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The third most popular cuisine in the United States, the exceptional culinary treats of the South have gained traction with the American people faster than anyone could have expected.

Tasty Treats From The South

Take a look at our version of some Southern savory delicacies that have a special place in everyone’s heart!

Nicaraguan gallo pinto

A breakfast of champions, this dish is a combination of all-natural, unprocessed ingredients that come together to give your body the essential protein it requires. Originally from Costa Rica, Nicaraguan gallo pinto recipe is a favorite of those who like fresh meals that taste great. Small red beans are seasoned with onions and garlic to make a chunky paste which is purple in color. The combination is then mixed with rice and fried in olive oil to achieve a crispy taste while preserving the earthy flavors of the dish.

Spicy Mexican Rice Pilaf

This is a simple recipe with a fusion of spicy and warm flavors from Mexico. Perfect for a Saturday night in, its versatility allows it to function as a side dish as well as a main course.

Crunchy vegetables, a dozen herbs, and rich spices are added to seasoned rice and your choice of protein. Tomato paste is used to marinade and skillet the chicken or beef to introduce a tangy flavor to the dish. The dark orange rusty color of the dish also makes it Instagram-worthy; wouldn’t you agree?

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Gyros with tzatziki sauce

A classic sandwich of Greek origin with soft pita that’s stuffed with juicy meat, fresh onions, garlic, tomatoes, and a creamy tzatziki sauce to contrast the warm flavors, this meal will melt in your mouth with its rich and gooey goodness. The fresh ingredients in the dish pack a punch, making it one of the healthier dishes on our list.

Beef Fajitas

Fajitas are an instant hit with people who love a little spice and some juicy meat. This is an easy-to-prepare item which doesn’t require extensive hours of overnight marinating. The tender and smoky meat is mixed with marinated margarita, ready to be served with a side of steaming rice or grilled pita. Popular among people of all ages, this easy to whip up dish can be served at brunches and as lunch for your kid’s birthday party.

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Looking for more tasty and nutritious treats from the South? Check out Eats By The Beach for a multitude of healthy food and main dish recipes, and enjoy a great afternoon of home cooking. Visit our online food blog for more information!

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