Christmas cookies

Key Lime Chippers cookie - key lime flavored drop cookie full of creamy white chocolate chips. It's a perfect summer dessert.

Key Lime Chippers

These Key Lime Chippers are the perfect combination of zesty, tangy citrus cookie, and creamy, smooth, white chocolate.  It’s a refreshing lime treat on a

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A traditional Purim cookie recipe: These poppy seed hamantaschen are delicious triangles of pastry filled with a poppy seed and date filling.

Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

The buttery, triangle-shaped, filled pastries are the perfect traditional Purim cookie recipe.  The name, ‘Hamantaschen’, is roughly translated to mean “Haman’s ears”. I like the

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Classic cookie recipe of little shortbread balls coated in powdered sugar

Russian Tea Cakes

This classic cookie recipe is a perfect bite of shortbread enrobed in powdered sugar.  This recipe is also called Mexican tea cakes, wedding cookies, or

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