Some Tips to Keep Your Meat Tender and Juicy

Some Tips to Keep Your Meat Tender and Juicy

There’s nothing better than preparing a meal that’s the perfect balance of chewy and tender IF you began with an elite cut of meat. Different cuts of beef have different kinds of fibers bonding the piece together.

An expensive cut may cook faster and taste juicy at the end. But that may not be an economical option for some. That’s why this blog will share some fantastic tips on tenderizing your meat.

To cook meat perfectly, you need to understand your meat first. No chef can become a great chef without empathy. You may not get this advice a lot, but it’s crucial to comprehend your food and the kind of care it requires.

Let’s dive right into the marinade of cooking hacks that’ll help us cook meat to perfection.

Hammer It

If you have a beautiful piece of chuck steak, all you need is a meat mallet to break the collagen bonds that make the meat tight and stiff. You want to beat the tough muscle fibers so that they cook faster and absorb flavors fully.

Place it between plastic films and begin pounding. However, be mindful of the force you apply while pounding your meat. You don’t want to turn it into a minced mush.

Pound it gently with controlled strokes until the thickness is half of what you started with. If your meat is more rigid than usual, you may poke holes into it using a fork or score the top layer to release some tension.

A tender steak drizzled with a dark sauce and some greens on the side

Soak in a Marinade

If you’re going to grill your steaks, use flank meat. The toughest muscle fibers taste the best when marinated for a good number of hours before going on the grill. The trick is to use citrusy ingredients to pierce and penetrate the hardest of muscle tissues and loosen them for cooking.

Avoid adding salt to the marinade because you don’t want two acidic ingredients to act on the meat, making it too soft for your liking. A few hours is adequate for some marinade action for the toughest bad boys!

Stabilize the Temperature

If your meat is frozen, you need to first thaw it before soaking it in a marinade, pounding it with a mallet, or directly cooking it on the grill. Especially if you’re using a leaner cut of green-fed beef, you need to bring it to room temperature.

Since lean meats don’t have enough fat, you don’t have the margin to overcook the meat if you want it juicy and tender. Let the meat rest at room temperature for at least an hour before you cook so that the heat disperses throughout and it’s evenly cooked.

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