Satisfying The Sweet Tooth: Why Eating Desserts Is Recommended

Satisfying The Sweet Tooth: Why Eating Desserts Is Recommended

No matter what you’ve had for dinner, there’s always room for dessert! There’s just something about that sweet portion of food that satiates your taste buds and finishes off your meal in style. In fact, having desserts is also said to be good for your diet and can encourage healthier eating strategies.

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Satisfying The Sweet Tooth Why Eating Desserts Is Recommended

If you’re still debating whether or not you should have that strawberry parfait or those fudge brownies, then here’s what you need to know about the importance of eating desserts.

You Can Regulate Your Sugar and Fat Intake

Desserts don’t have to be loaded with sugar, fat, additives, and calories! While the ones you get from the nearest bakery or store may be full of unhealthy amounts of butter, oil, and sugar, you can easily substitute these ingredients if you make them at home. Doing so helps in regulating your fat and sugar intake, and also allows you to be innovative with your creations.

In fact, you can also include healthier elements such as nuts or fruits in traditional desserts. As long as you’re willing to make a little effort and be creative, you can satisfy your dessert cravings in a much healthier way!

You Only Need A Few Bites

Think about it; you’re not going to eat an entire birthday cake in one sitting now, would you? A slice—or two—is enough to satisfy your craving and appease your appetite!

Unlike how it is with your main courses, desserts can be eaten in smaller portions and still manage to produce the desired effect.  A couple of bites are all it takes to relish the flavor and the texture of the dessert and get a kick out of it. The ingredients typically used in desserts make the final product quite filling with just a few bites, making it the perfect food item to share with your friends after you’ve had a hearty meal.

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It Can Prevent You from Having a Stroke

Can’t get enough of chocolate? As it turns out, cocoa is actually quite healthy for you! According to one study, individuals who consume moderate amounts of dark chocolate every day are 17% less likely to suffer a stroke than those who don’t. This hypothesis was tested on 37,000 participants without any history of cardiovascular diseases over the course of 10 years.

All the more reason for you to have a bite of that dark chocolate molten lava cake or a slice of the gooey dark chocolate tart you love so much!

Ready to make some delicious after-dinner treats for you and your family? Eats By The Beach provides an extensive range of dessert recipes of all kinds! From lemon bars and hot chocolate cookies to strawberry shortcake ice cream bars recipe,  we’ve got it all!

Check out our easy healthy recipes.

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4 thoughts on “Satisfying The Sweet Tooth: Why Eating Desserts Is Recommended”

  • Portion control has always been my issue. And yes, I have eaten an entire birthday cake. Great commentary. I’m still on my low-carb thing now. When I want something sweet I’ll have a bread-and-butter pickle. Its not as much fun as cake. I will definitely keep the chocolate in mind (kisses or mini’s).

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