Pros and Cons of Intermittent Fasting

Pros and Cons of Intermittent Fasting

There are many different methods whereby people carry out intermittent fasting. One of the most popular ones is the 16/8 method whereby you allow a window of 8 hours to eat whatever you wish and fast for 16 hours.

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Intermittent fasting has become widely popular due to its promising effects on weight loss. While intermittent fasting has its benefits, there are also certain disadvantages of this fasting method. Let’s discuss them both.


Promotes Weight Loss

The biggest advantage of intermittent fasting is that it works, and the results prove it. In the 8-hour window, you don’t need to restrict your calorie intake and eat what you feel like at the expense of 16 hours where you simply fast.

Intermittent fasting promotes weight loss by speeding up the process of breaking down what we eat. When we fast, our insulin levels go down and our body releases the sugar stored in fat cells to fuel us with energy. Therefore, the fasting period is extremely crucial when it comes to burning fat.

Easy to follow

Intermittent fasting is relatively easy to follow as you don’t need to perform calorie count or track your meals. While most people do this to keep an idea of their calorie intake, you can eat whatever you like in a small window when fasting intermittently.

Evidence supports that eating a heavy breakfast is most beneficial as you burn calories throughout the day. Therefore, eat whatever you like as long as it’s the start of the day to make up for the fasting period.


No Focus on Nutritional Eating

Since intermittent fasting is flexible in its intake of food—‘eat to your heart’s desire’—this can prove to be counterproductive as people end up eating foods with no nutritional value rather than shifting to organic and healthy food items.

This can also lead to over-eating as fasting causes you to feel even hungrier the next day.

May Impact Your Social Life

Most of our social interactions usually take place over dinner and drinks. Intermittent fasting requires you to avoid eating out at late hours. Maintaining a happening social life will prove to be challenging, if not impossible when you take on this method of fasting.

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