Our Favorite One-Bite Party Snacks

The best things about a party are the loud music, dancing, and food. If you want to throw a smashing party for your friends, here are quick and easy recipes for our favorite one-bite party snacks. They’re guaranteed to make your party a raving success!

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1. Extra Flavorful Jalapeno Poppers recipe

These jalapeno poppers are an easy meal to cook and are popping with flavors (see what I did there?). They are small bites of cheese, cream, and bliss. They taste delicious and will be a crowd favorite for any party.

Choose smooth, bright green jalapenos for mild spice and red, older or wrinkled ones if you want your spice level will be hotter. Also, choose ones that are bigger so you can stuff them full of your filling.

For the filling, you can add spices, green onions, and cheese and then wrap them with bacon. It’s up to you whether you want to fry or grill them.

If you want them to be extra sweet and spicy, coat your jalapeno poppers with a thin layer of brown sugar and chili powder. This coating will balance out the heat of the pepper and the creamy thickness of the cheese.

crunchy Asian coleslaw with diced cabbage served in small bowl

2. Crunchy Asian Slaw recipe

In the hot summer days, something cold and creamy packed full of delicious summers will go down like an LA party! This crunchy Asian slaw recipe can be enjoyed alone or as a side to complement burgers, barbecue, or tacos.

To make your slaw, you can choose a vinegar, sour cream, or mayonnaise base. It’s also your choice whether to cut cabbage in big, chunky pieces or thinly dice them.

If you want to turn this into a balanced meal, add Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for protein intake. To add a bit of sweet kick, you can include dried raisins or cranberries

Caramel Macchiato Gelato

3. Caramel Macchiato Gelato – No-Churn recipe

It’s not a party if there’s no dessert, right? This rich, creamy, Italian-style dessert only takes minutes, and it’s so easy you will be making it every time you invite friends over.

You don’t think you can elevate gelato since it’s already such a great dish. But you’ll change your mind once you add coffee to the mix. Stir espresso and coffee liqueur with sweetened, condensed milk and vanilla extract.

After chilling, add whipping cream to the mixture and gently fold the mixture before refreezing. Lastly, add gelato and caramel and freeze again. Serve after 6 hours and enjoy the taste of heaven in a bowl.

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