Meal Prep and Save Time: Things to Last You All Week

Meal Prep and Save Time: Things to Last You All Week

If you’re the only one who cooks for the family, social distancing with the rest of your household might be bringing you to the edge!

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Mostly because your whole day is spent preparing and serving food, and then cleaning it all up, you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to cook food, just to enjoy the process.

So, why not find a way to reduce this wasted time with a little meal prep? Here are some tips I follow when meal prepping, so you can have the rest of the week all to yourself.

Save It For The Weekend

Meal Prep and Save Time

Decide on the recipes you’ll follow and set aside a couple of hours before the weekend to buy all the groceries you’ll need. Start early afternoon and store all your meals in Tupperware. The prepared meals should last you a week and should only require heating or some last-minute additions before you serve them.

Don’t Make Things Complicated

Meal Prep and Save Time

Meal prep is not an opportunity for you to try complicated recipes with too many ingredients. Stick to the old tried-and-tested methods and choose recipes that you know everyone will like. For example, if your family has a preference for chicken, prep for something like homemade chicken Caesar salad or Moist boneless skinless chicken breast recipe. It’s delicious and light, yet fulfilling too.

Invest in Fresh Ingredients

Meal Prep and Save Time 4

Pre-cut produce, whole chicken—whatever you need, don’t waste time in getting bits and pieces or bringing in the veggies so you can cut them later. With something like cilantro or potatoes, it’s simpler just to cut them. But for any difficult-to-prepare veggies and fruits like mango or butternut squash, I’d recommend buying the pre-cut product. It’s still cheaper and more accessible.

Buy Clear Containers

Meal Prep and Save Time


“High-quality and BPA-free,” that’s what you need. With such containers, you’ll also get the option to have clear lids. Shop for those in multiple sizes, and add in a few glass containers while you’re at it. Having a clear view of how much food there is will prevent you from mindlessly gobbling down mouthfuls of the food.

Invest in a Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a lifesaver, especially for large families. There are plenty of recipes available online for slow cooking (some I’m experimenting with as well), so you should have no problem cooking up a double batch for the next week while you prepare the other meals.

Stick to a Routine

Meal Prep and Save Time: Things to Last You All Week

Like I said, make things easy.

If your family loved the Classic patty melt recipe, make it a staple for every other week. You don’t need to stick to the same seven recipes, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t limit yourself to cooking the top fourteen things your family likes and switching the menu up now and then. This way, nothing will go to waste!

Stay Strong!

Do what you can to ease the burden off you. These are uncertain times, so everyone is feeling a little on edge. So, lighten the load by meal prepping for the week ahead. And use this free time to meditate and have some fun family time!


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