How To Make Healthy Fried Food

How To Make Healthy Fried Food

Calling fried food healthy might seem like an oxymoron because how can something so crispy and delicious be healthy at the same time? Healthy food is supposed to be bland, tasteless and not as much fun to eat right?

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Not really!

The love for eating fried food is a sentiment that people all over the world hold near and dear to themselves. The good news for them is that it’s possible to enjoy your favorite fatty and fried foods, by making them in a healthy wayand still managing to keep all the scrumptious flavor intact.

Here are some cooking tips to keep in mind to make all your favorite recipes.

How To Make Healthy Fried Food

It’s healthy as long as you’re making it yourself

This is true. Cooking and DIY-ing your favorite recipes can actually help you keep it healthy for yourself. This is because you know exactly what’s going in your food which means you have control over both quantity and quality of your food.

Also, a lot of people find it harder to over eat if they are part of the cooking process, probably because frequent taste test amidst the cooking process suppresses your appetite a little bit.

The right temperature makes all the difference

Frying things at just the right temperature is super important because if the oil’s not hot enough, your food can end up getting extra greasy because it soaks it up instead. If it’s too hot, the oil can break down and infiltrate your food.

The best way to checking the temperature is like how are mom’s used to do it, by placing your hand on top to judge it. But if you’re new to cooking, you can also use a digital thermometer just so you don’t have to take any chances.

Use fresh oil

We cannot stress the importance of this enough, because frying things in fresh oil versus old, used oil can drastically change the taste of your food. Plus, the hotter the oil gets the more it breaks into free radicals, which is bad for you. The maximum number of times you should use the same oil is 3 and not more.

A simple rule to making fried food healthy is to fry healthy food! While we love our potato chips and onion rings, you can explore frying other ingredients like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chili peppers and more!

Are you ready to try out these tips the next time you’re craving fried food? It’s time to put on your apron and get right to it!

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