Give Me Comfort—How the Right Food Brings You Joy after Heartbreak

Give Me Comfort—How the Right Food Brings You Joy after Heartbreak

Though your relationship wasn’t picture-perfect, it was something worth fighting for, at least to you. Unfortunately, your ex doesn’t seem to think so.

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Now, you’re stuck with a broken heart, and waves of sadness when you need comfort more than ever. It also doesn’t help that your eating patterns are going one of two ways: you either don’t want to eat at all, or you’re eating in a way that would put a competitive eater to shame!

But that’s just part-and-parcel of a breakup right? Heartbreak gives you a reason to eat unhealthy. So what if, in true breakup fashion, you’re tucking into a bowl of ice cream and crying one day, and losing yourself in a cheeseburger induced coma the next?

Well, as it turns out, the food you eat and how you eat during a breakup can make a big difference in how you handle it.

Food and Heartbreak—What Matters

It’s difficult to go down the healthy route during this time, what with the tumultuous emotions that are roaring inside you.

Give Me Comfort—How the Right Food Brings You Joy after Heartbreak

However, know that your mind isn’t the only facet of you that is affected. The mental and emotional effects of the breakup impact your body greatly. Just research Broken Heart Syndrome, and you’ll find how it can cause symptoms that are similar to that of a heart attack. An extreme example, no doubt, but it gets the point across!

And knowing that you’re physically vulnerable, you don’t want to make things worse by eating wrong.

The Concept of Comfort Food

The idea of “comfort food” has become muddied with time. Most people are under the misconception that junk food, or any food that offers temporary satisfaction, and is high in calories, is comfort food.

But that’s not true!

Here at Eats by the Beach, my cuisine is primarily focused on providing comfort food. But you won’t find calorific recipes here. Because the goal of good comfort food isn’t to just comfort your soul, but to provide your body with the nourishment it needs as well.

There’s a reason you feel hungry, even after eating a family-sized bag of chips! Your taste buds are delighted, but your body just isn’t getting the healthy nutrients it needs to feel fulfilled.

Now, you may think that a three-cheese casserole might fix this. However, you’ll more likely just feel nauseous and bloated afterward, because that’s not what your body wanted.

There’s a science to comfort food, a balance that every chef and foodie knows. That’s what you have to understand when seeking it.

Give Me Comfort—How the Right Food Brings You Joy after Heartbreak

Have a Look at My Comfort Food Recipes!

My comfort food can make this transition to singledom quite easy. All you have to do is follow the right recipes. From homemade coffee liqueur recipe to chicken chorizo and shrimp paella recipe, you’ll find all the food you need.

So eat right, stay strong and repeat this phrase: I’ll get through this!


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