For Your Own Hap-pea-ness: Recipes to Try When You’re Eating on Your Own

For Your Own Hap-pea-ness: Recipes to Try When You’re Eating on Your Own

Sure, eating out with friends or going on a date with your sweetheart makes you happy. But there are times when you just want to sit back and relax, and be by yourself.

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In moments like these, nothing beats sitting in front of your laptop, putting on your favorite show, and stuffing your face with French fries or some mac ‘n’ cheese!

There’s nothing wrong with eating by yourself; in fact, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate yourself. And when it comes to the perfect snacks or dishes you can make when you’re dining alone, you can leave that to us.

Here are a few suggestions we’re sure you’ll love:

Home-Style Beef Chili

Who doesn’t love chili during chilly nights? Beef chili is the ultimate comfort food; we love having it when we’re by ourselves, ready to binge-watch a new series on Netflix!

You’ll need to process all the veggies you’re using in a food processor so it doesn’t turn out chunky. Start by caramelizing the ground beef. Then add veggies, spices, chopped tomatoes, and half-boiled beans into the mix. Add a cup of water after that.

Let it cook for at least an hour on low heat. Switch the stove off when the water is almost dry. The tomatoes and onions will turn the chili into a thick paste, and that’s how you want it to be.

Philly Cheesesteak Hoagies

For Your Own Hap-pea-ness Recipes to Try When You’re Eating on Your Own

If you’ve been to Philadelphia, you’ve probably tried this heavenly goodness! And it’s the perfect recipe for when you want to watch something while eating.

This recipe uses beef; if you don’t eat beef, you can try another recipe.

You need to pick a cut that will cook quickly. We recommend going with either rib-eye or sirloin.

You’ll also need to sauté the veggies in butter. If you don’t want veggies, we recommend going with peppers and onions instead. You’ll need to cook the beef in the caramelized mixture. Add a little bit of water and spices to make the beef flavorsome and tender.

Treat Yourself to Great Food

A foodie needs what a foodie eats—great food. We’ve got amazing online recipes awaiting you on our website.

From homemade coffee liqueur recipe to sweet and sour braised red cabbage recipe, you’ll find all the recipes you need. Make sure to browse through our blog as well to learn more.

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  • While I am single I will take advantage of these receipts. I used tomato sauce that I had frozen from a few weeks ago to make chili last night. Since it was a tomato sauce, I never thought of adding tomatoes to the mix. And, I never thought of caramelizing the onion. Instead, I diced an onion with my new knives and boiled it in the sauce until soft (along with the drained ground chuck). Your recipes are so much better than ordering something like pizza or fast food or opening a can of soup.

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