Easy Meal-Prep Tips for Fitness Beginners

Meal-prep is the most suitable option when you’re looking to plan your meals in advance to help save you time, money, and stick to your specific calorie intake. We’ve listed down some easy meal-prep tips to help you get started:

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  1. Sit and Plan

This is the golden rule when it comes to prepping your meals. Take out some time and list down the meals you’ll be looking forward to having for the coming week. If you don’t mind leftovers, this is even better for you.

Make sure to plan meals that contain sufficient nutritional values such as protein, vegetables, and fruits. To keep you motivated towards following your meal plan, it helps to add a variety of dishes.

There are many delicious and healthy recipes you can plan for the day such as tex-mex beef fajitas recipe and homemade creamy broccoli salad recipe. The best part is that they will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

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  1. Plan around Your Everyday Routine

The most efficient way to stick to your meal-prep is to prep your meals keeping your routine and schedule in mind.

Take a meal with you on the way to work to avoid eating or ordering out. Since you’ve prepared your meal and spent time on it, you’ll be encouraged to stick to it. Likewise, have a meal ready before you hit the gym or after—this will help you stick to your meals instead of having to stop somewhere to grab a meal.

  1. Prepare Your Ingredients Ahead of Time

Meal prepping is a lot easier and do-able when you prepare your ingredients ahead of time. Cutting up your vegetables and storing them for later allows you to experiment with recipes and add them to an array of dishes easily. Grilling chicken or fish beforehand and freezing it allows it to stay fresh and ready to eat.

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At Eats By The Beach, we have a plethora of easy-to-cook healthy recipes you can experiment and have fun with!

Whether you need to plan for breakfast, starters, or desserts—we’ve got you covered. Our grilled peri peri chicken recipe and oven-roasted beef brisket recipe are amongst the most popular and healthy recipes. So start prepping for a journey towards a healthier and happier life!

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