3 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Pancake Batter

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Pancake Batter

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your pancakes.

They don’t rise to that perfect fluffiness.

They develop a bitter, burned layer. They taste of raw batter or too much baking powder.

They smell of eggs!

But once you master the art of making the right batter, you’ll realize that nothing kick-starts your day better than a pancake breakfast.

Mind you, this blog won’t read like the instructions behind boxes of readymade pancake mix. This is the easiest recipe for cooking homemade pancakes.

Too Much Flour

Making and eating pancakes is supposed to be a quick fix for hasty mornings. The process isn’t supposed to take up an hour to make the batter and fry the pancakes. So anything that’s taking longer than usual is generally a mistake.

People try to be accurate with measurements. For that, they pack the flour into the measuring cup by tapping it against the kitchen counter. This allows the flour to settle into the empty spaces and create room for more. You might end up measuring out more than needed.

Always scoop out roughly while measuring; don’t worry about accuracy. Excessive flour may give your pancakes a glue-like texture that’s not ideal.

Pancakes piled on a plate with a block of butter and maple syrup pouring on top

Runny Batter

Measuring out flour that’s too less is as bad (if not more) than excessive flour. This makes the batter runny, and the pancakes tend to absorb more of the oil or butter. This makes them greasy and heavy for a morning meal. The flavor also leans more toward buttery and salty and lack a fluffy sponge.

If you feel like you’ve somehow measured the wrong quantity or went a little heavy on the wet ingredients, sprinkle some more flour. The batter should look pasty and thick runny enough to pour into the pan.

Metallic Bitterness

Don’t let a pancake deceive you if it rises beautifully to a whole inch. It could be a red flag that the batter is baking-soda-intensive. It can sure make the pancakes fluff up, but the flavor is offensively metallic. They taste bitter and sharp and leave an unpleasant aftertaste that instantly kills your appetite.

Be very sure while measuring baking soda because you don’t want an excess of it. If you want to save a ruined batter, try adding cream of tartar to balance the flavor.

Did you find the reason why your pancakes don’t always turn out 10/10?

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