3 Recipes to Learn Before Heading off to College

3 Recipes to Learn Before Heading off to College

Going to college is one of the first steps of becoming an actual adult. However, one of the crucial aspects of surviving college is learning how to cook. It’s not the best idea to spend hefty amounts of take-out or rely solely on ramen noodles!

Here are three recipes you must learn when preparing to begin your college life.

A Homemade Creamy Broccoli Salad

If you’re looking for easy salad recipes as a starter, you should start with a creamy broccoli salad recipe. It’s everyone’s favorite salad because of all the versatile flavors that don’t make the dish as dull as most salads usually are. All you need to make this delicious salad is some fresh broccoli, raisins, and some homemade cheesy salad dressing.

If you’re about to invite guests to your dorm, you should consider making this salad as a starter with mains like burgers, shrimps, or barbeque. It’ll take just a few minutes for you to make this masterpiece. Click here to find the recipe for this salad.

salad bowls

Truckstop Enchiladas

Most college students don’t have the time to spend extra hours in the kitchen. Their fast-paced schedule requires them to follow easy recipes that won’t let them starve at school. However, that doesn’t mean you should compromise on all the deliciousness that awaits you with some easy homemade food recipes.

The perfect comfort food to help you survive college is a classic Mexican truckstop enchilada, made with a rich meat filling and a zesty enchilada sauce for the ultimate burst of flavors.

All you need is a few at-home ingredients to make the sauce. The best part about these enchiladas is that you can customize the recipe however you like. You can choose between corn tortillas or flour ones and make the sauce with or without tomatoes.

Here’s the full recipe to get you started.

Mexican food

Strawberry Shortcake Ice-cream Bars

Sudden dessert cravings are common when you have a lot on your plate and need something to take the edge off. It’s not the best idea to rely on chocolate bars when you can make some homemade strawberry shortcake ice cream bars recipe for the most creamy and soothing dessert experience. The best part is that you can make these ahead of time and store them for later.

You need some fresh strawberries, cream, and cookie crumbs for this happy summertime deliciousness. Remember to purchase some popsicle molds to perfectly execute this recipe. It’s better to use silicone molds as a beginner to make flawless ice cream bars.

ice-cream bars

You can now find all these recipes and more on Eats by the Beach. It’s an online food blog with quick and easy recipes to help you survive college with homemade, healthy food, whether it’s a starter, a quick snack, or an everyday meal. Click here to find some of the best easy-to-cook recipes today!

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