3 Light and Fresh Seafood Dinners for Hot Summer Nights

3 Light and Fresh Seafood Dinners for Hot Summer Nights

You don’t have to reserve your seafood recipes for extravagant dinners and for days when you want to go out for fine dining. Seafood doesn’t have to be off the table on routine days. You can have it whenever you feel like it.

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However, the type of seafood you have needs to suit the occasion. Here are some fresh and easy-peasy seafood recipes that make cooking your prawns, fish, and crabs a lot less hectic.

Crunchy Batter Fried COD

Batter-fried fish is the ultimate Pub food. It’s easy to whip up and takes only a few easy steps to put together. You can serve it with delicious home-made sauces, coleslaw, or potato wedges.

Crunchy batter fried fish served with potato chips and lemons

Whether it’s with a sandwich or potato chips, fried fish is something that everybody loves. It isn’t too greasy, fatty, oily, or heavy on the stomach. It tastes fresh, and the coating isn’t too doughy.

You can find an authentic Pittsburgh crunchy batter-fried fish recipe here.

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is a classic. It’s an incredible, mouth-watering mix of sweet and spicy sauces with cold, tender shrimps. You’ll wish you could have a shrimp vending machine that serves them all day long after you’re done.

Shrimp cocktail can be tricky to make; you need to push all the right buttons to impress your guests and yourself with this recipe!

tender and juicy shrimp served with homemade sauce

But if you do get it right, the home-made cocktail sauce has a fresh taste that awakens all your senses, and is something you won’t find in stores.

You can find an easy shrimp cocktail recipe here.

Steamed Snow Crab Legs

You don’t have to dump the contents of your wallet out at a restaurant to have crab pot. You can easily make and serve snow crab legs in about 30 minutes—along with melted butter.

steamed snow crab legs served with sidelines

Making steamed snow crab legs is as easy as boiling water. You can also toss in some corn or baby potatoes in the mix to make your crabs burst with flavor.

Find the recipe steamed snow crab legs recipe here.

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