3 Freaky Fruity Drinks You Must Try for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and preparations for the festivities are afoot.

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From getting the perfect costume to deciding on a dinner menu, everything must reflect the true spirit of Halloween.

Your dinner spread may include all the popular Halloween recipes—pirate pasta, spooky deviled eggs, witch fingers, and eyeball tacos—but you always need a refreshing drink to wash all that down.

Carved out pumpkins with spooky faces and green light glowing from within.

Fruit punches are the most refreshing and kid-friendly drink to pair with your main courses. (Feel free to spice it up with alcohol for the big boys!) So what are you waiting for? Before you go trick-or-treating, check out these easy fruit punches to make this Halloween.

Cranberry Cosmopolitan Martini

Want that bone-chilling blood-red drink for your Halloween dinner table? You got it!

You need fresh cranberry juice, a generous amount of vodka, some sweetener, and come cut up fruits drizzled with a syrup of your choice to go on the side.

Whip up a delicious fruity martini with lime or lemon juice to add a quirky character to your drink. Squeeze an orange rind over the glass for a hard-to-miss exciting first sip, and rub it across the rim for a sweet-citrusy tang on your tongue.

A red cranberry drink and a pale lychee soda in two glasses.


Wicked Martini Cocktail

What comes to mind when you think of something seductively wicked? A peachy sensation on your tongue that awakens all the taste buds in your mouth. That’s precisely what this punch tastes like.

All you need is delectable lychee nectar for the base and bring it to life with a dash of liqueur of your choice (this is optional.) To make it appropriate for the occasion, feel free to add some red food color.

For an added visual thrill, you can also fill a plastic glove with water and freeze it. That way, you can have a floating ice hand in the drink to keep it cool or grasp your wrist in a chilling grip!

Don’t forget to top it off with some lychee pulp to create a visual of flesh and blood. Serve when it’s deadly cold.

The Quarantini Cocktail

If you want to give your 18+ guests a reason to refill their glasses, this is what you need.

This drink is the perfect balance of vodka and lemonade for that sweet, sour flavor. Using berries is a clever addition to the mix for the color and enhanced taste it offers.

The way to make it is simple. Just extract some lemon juice and add it to lime soda. Mix it up with vodka, squeeze some more lemon, and top it off with berries. This neon-colored delight will get you wide awake to enjoy the night in no time!

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