3 Aphrodisiac Ingredients to Make Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Special

3 Aphrodisiac Ingredients to Make Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Special

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to figure out plans to spark that romance between you and your beloved partner.

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Luckily, dining out on the day of love isn’t the only viable option to celebrate this perfect holiday opportunity; it can also be utilized to prepare an exotic meal with your loved one!

As rightly said by N.T. Morley, the author of the iconic cookbook Edible Erotica,

“If you’re looking for some passion in your life, forget the bedroom and look inside your kitchen cupboards instead!”

Here are 3 ingredients that will make this Valentine’s Day unlike any other.

The Blissful Oysters

3 Aphrodisiac Ingredients to Make Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Special

With their high zinc content, oysters remain at the top of the aphrodisiac ingredients’ list. The best part is, you can have fun with oysters in whatever way you like—bake them or grill them.

Chocolate: The Drug of Love

Chocolate: The Drug of Love

It won’t be wrong to say that chocolate has been the star of courtship and romance for decades. So, make it the king of your sweet dessert-round after dinner. Chocolate contains high quantities of phenylethylamine (PEA), an organic compound that’s known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Make your date fall in love with you more with this boozy chocolate tiramisu. They’ll melt!

Say Cheese!

Cheese and Wine

How to express your love to your Valentine, without saying those cheesy pickup lines?  Bring some healthy food recipes and real cheese into the love equation! If your partner is all up for fun, spice up your dinner night with a thick delish cheese dip alongside some crisp carrots or garlic bread. Whether you create a hot double onion cheese dip or a tempting beta and feta cheese dip, these appetizers are sure to turn your date’s hunger and mood on.

You can even turn up the warmth of your special night with a seductive creamy cheese soup garnished with delectable scallions, grated parmesan, sliced bacon, or oyster crackers. Or just serve a fluffy pretzel to complement the divine cheese soup.

Browse through a variety of mouth-watering recipes from our Online food blog  Eats by the Beach if you’re looking for something else to please your Valentine.

We wish you the best of luck for this sensual and saucy endeavor!

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