August 2020

This stack of Lemon yogurt pancakes are a healthier version of buttermilk pancakes. They are light, fresh, and protein rich from the addition of Greek yogurt.

Lemon Yogurt Pancakes

Lemon yogurt pancakes are a light, sweet, and decadent breakfast treat.  But because of the addition of Greek yogurt, they are a little more healthy

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Southern-fried okra - sliced okra dipped in a buttermilk, hot sauce, and egg, then dredged in a crispy cornmeal, flour, and bread crumb coating and fried till golden brown.

Southern Fried Okra

This Southern-fried okra recipe uses nuggets of fresh okra that are dipped in a spicy buttermilk mixture, dredged in cornmeal, flour, and breadcrumbs, then fried

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Classic chicken piccata - chicken pan-fried and coated in a lemon, caper, butter sauce. Easy enough for a weeknight meal and impressive enough for a dinner party.

Classic Chicken Piccata

Chicken piccata is one of those dishes that brings back memories of Sunday dinners, laughter with family, and home.  Tender chicken is coated and pan-fried,

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A perfect summertime cocktail - the Italian Aperol Spritz. Aperol liquor, prosecco, and blood orange soda makes for a delicious cocktail that is perfect for brunch.

Italian Aperol Spritz

This take on a classic Italian Aperol Spritz is a bubbly, orange-flavored cocktail that’s light and fizzy with a slight bitter edge that finishes with

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A bowl of Israeli Salad - chopped vegetables with an herbed lemon vinaigrette.

Israeli Salad

This simple, chopped vegetable salad is an iconic part of Middle Eastern cuisine, thus the name, ‘Israeli Salad’.  It pairs wonderfully with hummus and pita,

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Key Lime Chippers cookie - key lime flavored drop cookie full of creamy white chocolate chips. It's a perfect summer dessert.

Key Lime Chippers

These Key Lime Chippers are the perfect combination of zesty, tangy citrus cookie, and creamy, smooth, white chocolate.  It’s a refreshing lime treat on a

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