September 2019

Mojito Tart

Creamy, tart, and citrusy, this elegant dessert is your favorite cocktail in dessert form.  This tart is basically a key lime pie with rum and

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A breakfast sandwich, battered and grilled Monte Cristo Sandwich

Monte Cristo Sandwich

This breakfast sandwich recipe is the perfect blend of savory and sweet.  Ham, cheese, jelly, and powdered sugar make for the most delicious brunch dish. 

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A classic cocktail recipe for a Cosmopolitan Martini made from Mandarin orange vodka, Grand Marnier, Vanilla vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice cocktail from

Cosmopolitan Martini

Sweet, tangy, and with a hefty amount of alcohol, this classic cocktail isn’t just for girl’s night anymore. This classy, pretty cocktail has been my

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Tres Leche Cake

This easy dessert recipe consists of an airy sponge cake that is soaked in a creamy, sweet, mixture of three different types of milk and

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South African Bobotie

An international recipe, this is the national dish of South Africa.  Bobotie is a comfort food casserole of spiced, curried ground beef topped with savory

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